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Fresh Start Program

For Credit Repair, Baltimore Trusts Sirody & Associates

  • Rebuild and establish good credit
  • Benefit from special resources (affiliated mortgage company, etc.)
  • Get out of bankruptcy faster
  • Protect your home, car  and other assets
  • Halt all calls and contact from bill collectors

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At Sirody & Associates, PA, we realize that every case is unique and no client’s circumstances are exactly like another’s. Thus, we have developed our FRESH START PROGRAM. Our credit repair program won’t just help you get out of debt, it will also help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, and maybe even get that dream home you thought you could never have.

For credit repair, Baltimore turns to Fresh Start Law. We serve residents in Baltimore, Gwynn Oak, Woodlawn, Randallstown, Catonsville, Pikesville, and Owings Mills.

We have our own affiliated mortgage company and title company so we can help you repair credit after your bankruptcy is discharged or, possibly, even while your case is pending. We help people obtain financing to get out of bankruptcy early. These additional resources further distinguish us from other law firms and allow us to offer you a truly comprehensive debt solution. There really is life after bankruptcy!


Congress passed the Bankruptcy Reform Act, which became effective October 17, 2005. This was due, in large part, by the credit card companies and banks spending millions of dollars on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions to convince Congress that bankruptcy abuse was rampant and needed to be stopped. Of course, millions of dollars in campaign contributions didn’t hurt their cause either! These same companies employ aggressive collection agencies and attorneys to essentially “hunt you down” and take whatever steps necessary to collect their money.

Many of our Baltimore-area clients have told us horror stories about being called at all hours of the night by unscrupulous collectors, who even call their neighbors, illegally airing their dirty laundry.  Often times, people are hounded at work, causing great embarrassment or even job loss. These creditors are governed by certain collection law.  However, these regulations do not stop them from causing great stress and anguish, and some collectors simply ignore the laws

Well, the BANKRUPTCY LAWS STOP THE COLLECTORS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS!! Upon filing of your case, an AUTOMATIC STAY is IMMEDIATELY activated. This prevents the creditors from taking any further action against you or your property. They must IMMEDIATELY cease all collection activities and leave you alone.  This is powerful protection which will allow you to breathe again and start repairing your credit.

As a client of SIRODY & ASSOCIATES, we will begin to protect you immediately. We will get the collectors off your back so you can think clearly again. We understand the detrimental effect constant stress can have on you and your family. Our job is to relieve you of that stress and allow you to take control of your life again and fix your credit. You see, we don’t believe that you should have to struggle alone against insurmountable debt. If you are an honest person who just can’t climb out of the quicksand, we can help. The collection attorneys know how to get you. WE KNOW HOW TO STOP THEM!


If you are like most people, your home is your single biggest asset and the most important one, as well. It is where you raise your family. It represents safety and security. Unfortunately, foreclosure rates are at historically high levels. Many people have purchased homes during periods of relative stability, only to find themselves behind on their mortgage payments as soon as something goes wrong, be it job loss, illness, unforeseen expenses, etc.  In this economy it is too easy to get “off track.”

We know how important your family home is and how hard you worked to get there. The FRESH START PROGRAM will allow you to catch up on those mortgage arrears no matter how far behind you are. As long as your home has not yet been foreclosed upon, we can stop the bank from taking your property and kicking you to the street. We have helped thousands of Baltimore homeowners

We can also help stop the “repo man.”If your car is repossessed, you can’t get to work, which means you can’t make money to pay your other bills, including your car payment. The “repo man” doesn’t want to hear about your problems. His job is to hoist that car up on his lift and haul it away. Our job is to stop him or even get the car back if it hasn’t been sold yet. Credit repair from the Fresh Start Law will allow you to re-pay car arrears on your terms and we MAY EVEN BE ABLE TO LOWER YOUR CAR PAYMENTS!

Contact us today at (410)415-0445. We’ll customize your credit repair program with a FRESH START PROGRAM especially for you, taking into account your needs and your special circumstances.  You’ve heard us say it for years-


Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair

What is a credit score?
A credit score is a measure created by three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to indicate how likely an individual is to repay debt and what level of risk a lender is taking if that individual borrows money. The lower the credit score, the higher the risk to the lender. Because the three credit bureaus calculate credit scores independently, a person’s credit score may vary slightly from one credit bureau to the next.
How can I stop debt collection calls?
Debt collectors will often use intimidating and annoying tactics to reach struggling consumers. In addition to phone calls, some debt collectors will send emails and text messages and will even troll debtors on social media. Consumers who are being harassed by a debt collector via phone, social media or on any other platform can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In cases of bankruptcy, the court will issue an order for an “automatic stay” as soon as the request for bankruptcy is filed. The automatic stay immediately stops any and all further collection actions from being taken against the filer and can stop issues related to wage garnishment, home foreclosure, car repossession and more. It also puts a halt to any lawsuits from creditors, home liens or tax liens.
How long does it take to repair credit?
Repairing credit is generally a lengthy process – a minimum of a year, and often longer. Even after debts are paid off, it’s important to remember that any negative information will remain on the individual’s credit report for 7-10 years. Throughout any credit repair process, checking credit score regularly is strongly recommended.
Is it better to repair credit or file for bankruptcy?
Every personal financial situation is different and should be carefully evaluated. A single negative entry in a credit report or an isolated incident of being turned down for a loan may simply point to a financial profile that needs more attention. However, in situations in which more and more debt is piling up each month, bankruptcy may be the best option. Many credit repair programs are costly and some are even fraudulent, so it’s important to thoroughly research any company before providing personal information or signing an agreement. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will review each individual financial situation to better understand the breakdown of debt and other important factors. For example, most student loans cannot be discharged, so a young professional who is struggling financially may need to consider credit repair over bankruptcy. Conversely, individuals who meet the “means test” may qualify to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy which would enable them to eliminate debt much faster than they could through credit repair.