29 Oct 2020

Avoid Foreclosure But Be Wary Of Mortgage Relief Scams

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in historic financial losses for many people in Maryland and throughout the entire world. Many homeowners, particularly those who are unemployed or hourly or gig-type workers with significantly reduced employment, have taken advantage of mortgage forbearance in order to temporarily reduce or suspend their mortgage payments. But, what happens when […]

Mortgage contract and home. Protect yourself from mortgage relief scams designed to prey on homeowners in financial distress.
01 Oct 2020

Unemployment Fraud And Your Credit

The historically high unemployment rates resulting from COVID-19 pandemic layoffs, furloughs and work closures has led to a massive number of unemployment claims. During the first six months of the pandemic, U.S. unemployment claims averaged approximately 1 million weekly. Although the labor market is starting to show some small signs of improvement, unemployment benefit requests […]

Social security cards. Unemployment fraud generally occurs through the theft of personally identifiable information.