04 May 2016

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

If you have outstanding unpaid debt, creditors may seek to have your wages garnished. Wage garnishment is when part of your salary is sent directly to a creditor before you get paid. Even though wage garnishment is legal, there are ways you can stop the process. Get expert legal help in Baltimore. Contact Sirody & […]

How to stop wage garnishment
16 Mar 2016

How Many People File For Bankruptcy Each Year?

Nationwide, the number of bankruptcy cases are high. In 2015, there were a total of 844,495 bankruptcy cases filed in US bankruptcy courts. The vast majority of these cases are non-business or individual bankruptcies. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers, including which states have higher rates of bankruptcy. Need a bankruptcy attorney in […]

How Many People File For Bankruptcy Each Year
23 Jul 2015

How Bankruptcy Can Help You Keep Your Home

Some people believe that bankruptcy forces you to give up your home, but this is not always true. In some cases bankruptcy can actually prevent, or delay, foreclosure. Let’s see under what circumstances bankruptcy can help you keep your home. Want to speak to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in the Baltimore area? Get a free […]

How can bankruptcy help you keep your home
06 Nov 2014

Bankruptcy Help For Seniors – Advice From A Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorney

Due to rising costs, seniors are often faced with medical bills or other debts they can’t pay. Older adults facing bankruptcy have special considerations that don’t affect other groups. Here is helpful advice for seniors from an experienced Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. Medical Bills Medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy for persons over the […]

Bankruptcy for seniors - advice from a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney
23 Oct 2014

Do I Have To Appear In Bankruptcy Court If I File For Bankruptcy In Baltimore?

For many people who face a personal economic crisis, bankruptcy can be a way to reestablish financial health. One of the most common questions people ask is if they will have to appear in court. Let’s see what role the bankruptcy court plays when you file for bankruptcy in Baltimore. Bankruptcy Court Function Bankruptcy court […]

Do I Have to Appear in Bankruptcy Court If I File for Bankruptcy in Baltimore
02 Oct 2014

Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy Discharge

When filing for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy discharge is an important concept to understand. The discharge in bankruptcy can vary depending on if you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. What Is A Discharge In Bankruptcy? When a debt is “discharged” through bankruptcy, the debtor is no longer legally required to pay the debt. After […]

18 Sep 2014

Free Slideshow About How Bankruptcy Works

Do you want to find out quickly how bankruptcy works? Then download our free slideshow that goes over the basics of bankruptcy in an easy to follow format. Download slideshow now. If you like summaries and visual demonstrations, then this slideshow will help you quickly grasp the basics of the bankruptcy process. You’ll learn things […]

29 Aug 2014

What You Need To Know About Baltimore Bankruptcy Exemptions

Bankruptcy exemptions work in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, and Maryland state law applies to those filing for bankruptcy in Baltimore. Bankruptcy exemptions help protect certain assets of yours, like your car or home, during the bankruptcy process. Federal Vs. State Exemptions Some, but not all, states adopt the federal guidelines for […]

20 Aug 2014

The 5 Most Common Reasons Why People File For Bankruptcy

In the United States, over one million people file for personal bankruptcy every year. The reasons are numerous, but in only a few causes account for the majority of bankruptcy cases. In many cases it is not the person’s fault at all. Let’s look at the top five reasons why people file for bankruptcy. Number […]

14 Aug 2014

Sirody & Associates Helps You Understand The Bankruptcy Means Test

When filing for personal bankruptcy there are two options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The bankruptcy means test helps determine if you qualify to file for the less rigorous Chapter 7. Higher income individuals who fail the means test must file for Chapter 13 and repay a portion of their debts according to a court […]

Stacked coins on Scales of Justice, symbolizing the Means Test.