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01Nov 2017
How long-term care can lead to bankruptcy

As the US population ages, long-term care has become a serious financial consideration for many households. In some cases, people may have underestimated just how expensive long-term care can be, leaving them unprepared as parents age and are no longer able to be in their own homes. In other cases, families believed that aging parents […]

11Sep 2017
401K and bankruptcy

When you’re working diligently to aside money for the future, the thought of losing those hard-earned funds can be frightening. To put your mind at ease, in nearly all cases, retirement and pension plan funds are protected from bankruptcy. However, there are a few exceptions. Also, if you are receiving retirement benefit payments as part […]

30Aug 2017
Will Filing For Bankruptcy In Baltimore Affect Federal Employment?

Are you a federal employee living in Baltimore and facing financial challenges? In some cases, the best action to take is to file for bankruptcy. Still, you may be wondering how this could affect your federal employment, especially security clearance. Let’s find out. Get back on track financially. Speak with a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney about […]

21Apr 2017
Credit Check Debt Calculation and Debt Relief

If you’re worried about your credit or personal debt, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that a solution exists for just about any debt situation. Take look at these statistics: Nearly 40 percent of Americans worry about paying their monthly bills. Almst one third of individuals have a credit score of less than […]

13Mar 2017
Filing For Bankruptcy As A Teacher

Just like anybody, teachers can find themselves facing overwhelming debt. This could be due to unpaid credit cards, medical expenses or other unexpected situations. In some cases, bankruptcy may be your best legal option. When filing for bankruptcy as a teacher, there are some important factors to consider. Let’s find out more. Consult a bankruptcy […]

17Jan 2017
Holiday Spending

The 2016 holiday season is over, and while final results won’t be published for another month or so, initial data indicates that US holiday sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion. This is an increase of approximately 4% over 2015 holiday sales. Did you stick to your holiday budget this year?  See how your spending […]

22Nov 2016
Bankruptcy For Military Personnel - Know Your Rights

Just like anyone else, members of the armed forces may find themselves facing insurmountable debt. This can occur due to medical bills, moving costs or other unexpected financial stress. In situations like this, bankruptcy for military personnel is a viable and legal option. By law, military personnel are allowed to file for both Chapter 7 […]

26Oct 2016
The Federal Employee Bankruptcy And Employment

For anyone with debt problems, including a federal employee, bankruptcy is a viable option to get back on track financially. Often the debt crisis is caused by an event for which you have little or no control over, such as an extended illness, a death in the family, or a divorce. Still, you may be […]