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05Feb 2013

Most of us want to pay our bills. We were raised that way. As a result, too many people use up all of their financial resources before even considering filing for medical bankruptcy. Their intentions are good, but cashing out credit cards, retirement funds, college savings, or taking out a second mortgage to pay medical […]

24Jan 2013

While corporations and partnerships require an attorney’s representation to file bankruptcy, individuals may represent themselves in court. This is not recommended, however; in fact, it could result in your petition being denied or delayed. You could lose the right to file another case, or lose protections like the automatic stay. There are permanent consequences to […]

11Jan 2013

First:  Bankruptcy Will Stay On Your Credit Report For 7 To 10 Years Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Life goes on, and you get a fresh start on your financial situation. However, be aware that a bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for some years. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay […]

28Dec 2012

Every year, countless Americans find themselves, through no fault of their own, facing bankruptcy. Many have no idea how long the bankruptcy process can take. The length of time from filing bankruptcy to having your debts discharged can vary greatly, depending on which type of bankruptcy is being filed, and how quickly you can gather […]

27Sep 2012

Home is where the heart is. Your home is not only your most important financial asset, but it is your sanctuary, your refuge from the craziness of the outside world. I would give up my car and eat Ramen noodles if it meant I could stay in my home. But what if you’re facing bank […]

13Sep 2012

When individuals and families encounter severe financial pressures that leave them with excessive debt and no way to pay their monthly obligations, bankruptcy is often considered the only solution. Although many people consider bankruptcy as an extreme measure, little is truly understood by those who’ve never had to make this decision. One area of concern […]

30Aug 2012

When debt accrued has exceeded certain unbearable levels by either an individual or business, bankruptcy is often sought to secure financial relief and set up a process whereby debts can be discharged or creditors can be paid over a period of time. Two major categories of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) are commonly used […]